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Piloting processes for the NHS Revalidation Support Team

With revalidation for doctors being introduced in late 2012, the NHS Revalidation Support Team was keen to ensure the processes and frameworks it proposed met the needs of all doctors. After a competitive tendering process Medacs Healthcare was selected to run the pilot for doctors who do not fall within traditional clinical governance systems. The project was delivered within budget and on time, meeting all the RST’s objectives and receiving excellent feedback from the client and the participants. 

The client

The NHS Revalidation Support Team (RST), part of Guy's & St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, is a Department of Health-funded body, which exists to support the implementation of revalidation. 

The RST works in partnership with the Department of Health for England, the GMC and designated bodies, to deliver an effective system of revalidation for doctors in England.


The NHS Revalidation Support Team was keen to ensure the processes, materials, including their model appraisal form, and frameworks it proposed met the needs of doctors from all backgrounds. After a competitive tendering process Medacs Healthcare was selected to run the pilot with locum doctors in England who do not fall within traditional clinical governance systems.

The RST immediately helped to create a supportive and collaborative relationship, setting clear goals and guidelines, and providing information and input rapidly.

What Medacs Healthcare did

A full-time project manager was assigned to the project from the start. She rapidly developed a project plan and monitoring system which was agreed with the RST.

We then recruited and trained 40 appraisers from our extensive database of locum doctors. A responsible officer was appointed for the project to oversee the whole process and provide feedback.

‘Full-time’ locum doctors on the Medacs database were given the opportunity to be appraised in the pilot. The offer proved to be very attractive and a group of 125 volunteers quickly established.

A dedicated administrator scheduled meetings between the appraiser and appraisees to ensure the process ran smoothly and effectively. Most appointments occurred at the weekend in Medacs Healthcare offices in London and Manchester, for the convenience of both parties.

At the end of each appraisal, the participants were encouraged to provide their feedback on the materials and the process directly to the RST. The RST received a 100 per cent response from Medacs Healthcare’s pilot.

Throughout the pilot, the project manager provided regular updates and feedback to the RST, including a monthly steering group meeting which included representatives of several stakeholder groups. This meant the RST always felt reassured the project was on track and would meet their needs.

The results

Medacs Healthcare took 125 locum doctors through the appraisal process – exceeding the target by 25 per cent. We facilitated feedback on the locum's experience to ensure the RST had a clear view of what worked well and what needed further development. 

The project was delivered well within the deadline and on budget, receiving excellent feedback from our client.

In addition, the locum doctors and assessors who had been through the process found it to be a useful part of their development and preparation for the introduction of revalidation. 

"We selected Medacs Healthcare to deliver this pilot following a competitive tendering exercise.  They had a strong reputation in the locum industry and it was clear they had access to an extensive database of candidates and would be able to deliver the required number of appraisals.

Our contract required the completion of 100 appraisals. Medacs Healthcare surpassed our expectations by completing 125 appraisals – within the scope of the contract and well before the deadline.

We were on a very tight deadline for this pilot so it was important the project was delivered on time. Medacs Healthcare’s project management was exceptional and the delivery of the project was smooth and painless. It’s an exemplar of a well-run pilot."

Beryl Hodgson,  NHS Revalidation Support Team

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