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To help you with your wellness journey, we have compiled a range of articles and helpful blogs written by professionals who understand mental health and wellbeing within the health and social care sector. Sit back and catch up on important wellness updates and helpful tips from those in the know. 

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Medacs Healthcare Partners with The Joyful Doctor to Offer Self-Help Webinar

We are delighted to announce that we have proudly teamed up with The Joyful Doctor, an organisation run by doctors that helps healthcare professionals to look after themselves as they look after others.

As part of our partnership with The Joyful Doctor, we are pleased to be able to deliver a helpful webinar designed to support you, our hard-working doctors and nurses.


Featured blogs

Covid-19 Vaccine - Protecting Our Heroes 

The introduction of a vaccine has provided a light at the end of this dark tunnel, so to help you prepare yourself for receiving the vaccination, we spoke to our Director of Clinical Governance Anne Anderson to give us all the information you might need around the benefits, and side effects, as well as providing you with all the important information you require.


In The Spotlight: Your Mental Health and Wellbeing with The Joyful Doctor

Exposure to stress, anxiety and trauma has never been more widespread during the Covid-19 pandemic, with health and social care professionals being significantly affected. A recent study reported that 41% of doctors have reported experiencing symptoms related to mental health conditions.




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